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How is this different than Midjourney or other AI tools?

While Midjourney is perfect for general design inspiration and mood boarding, Discopixel is purpose built to convert your draped garment renders on photoreal models.

How is this different from just photoshopping in a different model?

Photoshopping would require the human to be in the exact same pose and lighting conditions as the garment, or else the result won’t look realistic. Matching shadows are also extremely difficult to add. Our workflow solves these problems, and you can even add realistic long hair that falls over the garment!

Who are the models you’re using? What are the royalties?

We use computer generated AI models so none of the humans are real. This means you won’t need to pay
 for royalties using our service. If you prefer to use a real model, we can generate shots based on the model you provide. In this case, royalties will be determined directly between you and that model.

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